Turning the Tables

photoPROOFS : GO ROYALS – Greetings Earthlings (or Terran if you prefer). looks like there actually will be a vinyl version of LOST BEES after all. i had given up hope of ever laying hands on a copy but it’s gonna happen. apparently starting GO ROYALS a vinyl factory is the biz to be in by the back log they’ve got stacked up. i chose the wrong side of the biz. me thinks. GO ROYALS

I believe we (GO) may even have LP’s for sale on this next batch (ROYALS!!!) of shows in November and December:

11/11 Chattanooga TN @ JJs Bohemia

11/12 Birmingham AL @ The BottleTree Lounge w PLS PLS and Leviathan State TICKETS 

11/13 Atlanta GA @ The Drunken Unicorn w PLS PLS and Love Letter TICKETS

11/14 St Louis MO @ Cicero’s w Dibiase TICKETS

11/15 Champaign IL @ The High Dive w The Dirty Feathers and Wicked Walls TICKETS

12/30 Milwaukee WI @ Shank Hall GO ROYALS w Local H

12/31 Chicago IL @ Subterranean w Pelican and PineBender TICKETS

complete details can be GO ROYALS found at our TOUR page love your royals blue bunz ae

2 thoughts on “Turning the Tables

  1. PLEASE let me know when this album (vinyl) is available for preorder. I caught your show in Akron a few weeks ago. The place was dead but you guys were awesome. Take my money!

  2. Gentlemen – and i use that term loosely – you have all the goods available to you to kickstart a “revival” EP of those early tracks that were never released – Gold to Cold, “bad guy with the bad eye” or whatever you didn’t call it, the magician, little big man, unknown #27 – i’m sure there are others that Cubberly didn’t post. Quick and dirty re-recording with the advanced TLAT sound like you did to Crumbs on teh Boogie. Yes Bees is spectacular but we fans are grrreeeedy. with a lowercase g. If you start soon this can be out by next summer to keep the momentum for your world domination where you smack down Lady Beiber on live cable television. Just saying’. Love, your greatest fan and thanks for rocking da clownz in NYC i know that was just for me… you guys are the best. thanks for all you do. trying’ to drum up some viewship for you at the unicorn in the ATL. Good luck on this next leg of your tour even though i know you don’t need it.

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