The Taste of Waxy Eggs

BEATING YOUR HEAT : hello boys and girls. it’s been hot as balls here in Chicago for the past few weeks, surely the work of the devil. plotting our next move for the fall in which we’ll be playing somewhere between a couple to quite a few shows with a new DVD in our front pockets. shows will be mostly on the east coast of the US for the fall legs. keep you posted on the stats ASAFP!!!

in the meantime, summertime brings out the fest in us. our next event is as follows. get thee hither:

Sunday JULY 29, 2012 – Chicago IL @ Taste of Lincoln 7pm on the Fullerton Stage. should be hell on wheels fun. come and get you some. bring drugs.

LOUD EGGS : until we reconvene for the fall leg of the No One Loves You… campaign, my old band Shiner is doing some reunion shows in August. it’s going to be ridiculously fun and i’d love for you to be there. yes you. the reason for these shows is for the long-overdue re-release of our final record called The Egg on wax aka vinyl. we’ll be playing NY, LA, KC and 2 Chicago shows.

in addition to a bunch of other kickass bands, TLAT drummer Chris Metcalf’s other band called Simple Lines will open the KC (Lawrence) show and Eric Abert’s old band Ring, Cicada! will open the 2nd Chicago show with the OG line-up including Erics bro Keith back on the kit. serious badass-ness. please “make” the “scene” for these shows because they won’t happen again. let’s do this people!

get in there. love your buns. ae


5 thoughts on “The Taste of Waxy Eggs

  1. Allen, there’s somewhat strange feeling occuring while reading you. For quite young Polish chick like me, you (and TLAT music) appear as sexy yet heavy stone and i want to catch it someday. by this i mean show in Europe. I know you guys since 2002, and with every album it amaizes me more and more. guys come to germany or Czech or whatever is near me. I will sell my soul and all books just to catch your strinng’s sounds. Amaizing, amaizing. Lots of love. Ala

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