Throw It Down

10603617_10203548410283110_1274636846991740698_nso, in addition to the two killer end ‘o the year shows with Local H in Milwaukee on NYEE (DEC 30) and Pelican in Chicago on NYE, we got a lot of other suchnesses in the pipes. takin it down the !-35 corridor to N’awlins this time then back through the heartland. act now to get your fix. expecially for the NYEE and NYE shows!


30 Milwaukee WI @ Shank Hall w/ Local H doors @ 7pm, TLAT @ 8pm, $15
31 Chicago IL @ Subterranean w Pelican and Pinebender doors @ 8pm, TLAT @ 9:50, $32
26 St Paul MN @ Turf Club
27 Kansas City MO @ Record Bar w/ Maps For Travelers and the Jorge Arenya Trio
28 Dallas TX @ the Prophet Bar
1 Austin TX @ Mohawk
2 Houston TX @ Fitzgeralds
3 New Orleans LA @ the BEATnik
5 Cincinatti OH @ Motr Pub
6 Indianapolis IN @ the HI FI
7 Kalamazoo MI @ Shakespears Pub
just shot a video for Passion Pit and turned out ridiculous. in a good way. but still pretty fucking silly. our performance on indieATL will also be premiering in the new year. keep you posted on thats.

get you some of this and that LOST BEES WAX and OG CD!


merry holidays jallz. (soft “J”) ae

Turning the Tables

photoPROOFS : GO ROYALS – Greetings Earthlings (or Terran if you prefer). looks like there actually will be a vinyl version of LOST BEES after all. i had given up hope of ever laying hands on a copy but it’s gonna happen. apparently starting GO ROYALS a vinyl factory is the biz to be in by the back log they’ve got stacked up. i chose the wrong side of the biz. me thinks. GO ROYALS

I believe we (GO) may even have LP’s for sale on this next batch (ROYALS!!!) of shows in November and December:

11/11 Chattanooga TN @ JJs Bohemia

11/12 Birmingham AL @ The BottleTree Lounge w PLS PLS and Leviathan State TICKETS 

11/13 Atlanta GA @ The Drunken Unicorn w PLS PLS and Love Letter TICKETS

11/14 St Louis MO @ Cicero’s w Dibiase TICKETS

11/15 Champaign IL @ The High Dive w The Dirty Feathers and Wicked Walls TICKETS

12/30 Milwaukee WI @ Shank Hall GO ROYALS w Local H

12/31 Chicago IL @ Subterranean w Pelican and PineBender TICKETS

complete details can be GO ROYALS found at our TOUR page love your royals blue bunz ae


BUY LOST BEES HERE : here’s a lil’ taste of us throwing bolts on the last show of the first leg in Grayslake IL at The Oasis. thanks to Greg Henkin for filming. more of these soon.

SCORE CARD : well if i had give the first leg of our US Tour a grade it’d be an F…+!! nah just kidding. it was insane. best shows were: Austin, KC, SD, SF, MPLS. all the others were merely really fucking awesome. thank you to everyone who came out and has continued to support us. really. it means so much to us. these are the next dates below. please come and get a piece of ass. unfortunately Deleted Scenes had to bail for personal reasons. see you soon!


11 Grand Rapids MI @ Pyramid Scheme    TICKETS!
12 Akron OH @ Musica    TICKETS!
13 Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory   TICKETS!
14 Washington DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel   TICKETS!
16 Cambridge MA @ Middle East Upstairs   TICKETS!
17 Philadelphia PA @ the Barbary    TICKETS!
18 Columbus OH @ Rumba Cafe    TICKETS!
19 Ferndale MI @ The Loving Touch   TICKETS!
20 Chicago IL @ Beat Kitchen   TICKETS!
12 Birmingham AL @ Bottletree Lounge w PLS PLS
13 Atlanta GA @ Drunken Unicorn w PLS PLS
14 St Louis MO @ Cicero’s TICKETS
15 Champaign, IL @ Hi Dive



ae: thinkin bout playing the whole record top to bottom on these tours.

dude: what? for real? but what about my jams?? Day Eleventy Seven and Space Face and the Ooooh Song?? you gonna play them jams?

ae: ‘course. can’t leave those out. just wanted to do something kinda spesh and we think this record deserves it and the fans will dig it.

dude: wasn’t one of you guys in Ring, Cicada? i’m from the Lou.

ae : yeah Eric was the bass player.

dude: right on…(sniff). you got a couple bucks i can borrow for some gas?


7    Kansas City MO @ the Riot Room w  Loose Park and Twinsmith  TICKETS!

8    Dallas TX @ Three Links w  West Windows TICKETS!
9    Austin TX @ Holy Mountain w Magnet School  TICKETS!
11 Tuscon AZ @ the Flycatcher w  Best Dog Award  TICKETS!
12 Los Angeles  CA @ the Satellite w Sego TICKETS!
13 San Diego  CA @ the Casbah w Modern Rifles and Sego  TICKETS!
14 San Francisco  CA @ Bottom of the Hill w Ten Days New and Together We Can Rule the Galaxy TICKETS!
16 Portland OR @ Bunk Bar w  Last Giant  TICKETS!
17 Seattle WA @ Barboza w  Last Giant  TICKETS!
20 Minneapolos MN @ 7th Street Entry w Porcupine and TBA   TICKETS!
22 Gray’s Lake IL @ Gray’s Lake Oasis w Darrow, Weye And Lybria TICKETS!!!
SEPTEMBER  (all shows with Deleted Scenes)
11 Grand Rapids MI @ Pyramid Scheme    TICKETS!
12 Akron OH @ Musica    TICKETS!
13 Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory   TICKETS!
14 Washington DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel   TICKETS!
16 Cambridge MA @ Middle East Upstairs   TICKETS!
17 Philadelphia PA @ the Barbary    TICKETS!
18 Columbus OH @ Rumba Cafe    TICKETS!
19 Ferndale MI @ The Loving Touch   TICKETS!
20 Chicago IL @ Beat Kitchen   TICKETS!
southeastern US dates a’comin’. ae

T H E L I F E A N D T I M E S : L O S T B E E S :

dang yallz. really can’t believe it’s all happening. seems like we’ve been moving in slow motion getting this beautiful monster ready for consumption for the past 6 months, more like 2 years but who’s counting. paul malinowski mixed the shit out of 7 of the ten tunes. eric and i finished up the other 3. similar to the last few times. since boogie at least. we feel like it’s something super spesh. hope you do to.

please check the dates and if you’re interested in joining the bill in your home town you guys should first check with the local promoter. their contact info will be listed on their website. we carry less say in the deal in out of town shows. good luxxx and if you’re not on show, get in the front row and bang your skull and flash some horns. see you soon!



7    Kansas City MO @ the Riot Room w  Loose Park and TBA  TICKETS!
8    Dallas TX @ Three Links w  TBA   TICKETS!
9    Austin TX @ Holy Mountain w Magnet School and TBA TICKETS!
11 Tuscon AZ @ the Flycatcher w  TBA  TICKETS!
12 Los Angeles  CA @ the Satellite w Wildlife and TBA TICKETS!
13 San Diego  CA @ the Casbah w  Wildlife and TBA   TICKETS!
14 San Francisco  CA @ Bottom of the Hill w Wildlife  TICKETS!
16 Portland OR @ Bunk Bar w  Last Giant  and TBA  TICKETS!
17 Seattle WA @ Barboza w  Last Giant and TBA    TICKETS!
20 Minneapolos MN @ 7th Street Entry w Porcupine and TBA   TICKETS!
SEPTEMBER  (all shows with Deleted Scenes and TBA)
11 Grand Rapids MI @ Pyramid Scheme    TICKETS!
12 Akron OH @ Musica    TICKETS!
13 Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory   TICKETS!
14 Washington DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel   TICKETS!
16 Cambridge MA @ Middle East Upstairs   TICKETS!
17 Philadelphia PA @ the Barbary    TICKETS!
18 Columbus OH @ Rumba Cafe    TICKETS!
19 Ferndale MI @ The Loving Touch   TICKETS!
20 Chicago IL @ Beat Kitchen   TICKETS!
more east coast dates being planned for November.


Gather round children. our last record No One Loves You Like I Do was released over two years ago. hard to believe but not really, considering the fact that things that i think happened a couple years ago actually happened like eight fucking years ago in reality. ah life. short years and long days. sniff.

anyway, the finishing of our new record tentatively but most likely entitled Lost Bees  is upon us and will ultimately be released AUGUST 12 2014, again on Slimstyle Records. gonna rock this showcase this Wednesday May 14 at The Empty Bottle with my boys from DC Deleted Scenes and local killers The Kickback. super excited to throw down.

we three wise men will then drive to Kansas City to begin mixing Lost Bees with Paul “Tuffcakes” Malinowski at Massive Sound for about a week from MAY 15-21. i do believe this to be what will be knowns as our ZOSO, our Dark Side of the Moon, our Rumors, our Damn the Torpedos, our Nation of Millions…

US Tour begins AUGUST 7th 2014 going west first, then east, then south, rinse and repeat. dates to be announced very very very soon.

see you at the Bottle. TIX HERE

love you real hard. ae