On All Fours


records almost dunzo. gotta sing on quite a few tunes yet but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s headed towards me very fast…wait, what? anyway, these shows will preview and high-light probably more than a few of the newest jammers. we’ve had every intention of doing this record in a quicker time frame than No One Loves You… but alas, the gears of life turn at their own speed. especially considering we’re tracking this one entirely ourselves instead of at Earth Analog with Casey DiIorio like we did last tizzime.

speaking of Earth Analog, eric and i –(together we are Electronical and have thrice the power)—just returned from a 4 day recording session with a killer champaign band called Withershins that has turned out quite nice. Earth Analog is such a pro place these days and recording to a fat 2″ tape is so nice and real. the sounds put down to tape are indisputably better and the recording process with it is more organic and in my opinion creates a better final product. if you guys wanna get wet with Electronical, either at our small studio in Chicago or live it up down in Champaign, drop us an email to electronicalinfo@gmail.com or smack us around on FaceBook, which apparently is a thing? who knew…

more soon ae kiss kiss

None More Black

looks like Big Black is moving at  92mph even while sitting still and i think it’s attributed to me removing that piece of shit step on the side that rattled constantly. now she’s a sleek sexy slut looking for love in all the wrong places. like when we’re touring…

THELIFEANDTIMES IN 2014 with SpaceSuit and friends.

1.22 Kansas City MO @ Record Bar w Muscle Worship and SpaceSuit(!) TICKETS

1.23 St Louis MO @ Firebird w Sweet Cobra and SpaceSuit TICKETS

1.24 Chicago IL @ Bottom Lounge w Sweet Cobra, Planetsexploder and SpaceSuit TICKETS

1.25 Milwaukee WI @ Cactus Club w Sleep Comes Down and SpaceSuit TICKETS

made a CDR at Electronical yesterday with 8 new TLAT songs in varying stages of done-ness. been listening in the car and at home and have been pleasantly pleased. sometimes it’s darker, heavier, more immediate, groovier, and when it’s catchy it’s the catchiest we’ve ever been. got a crackin drum sound too. some cool odd time stuff but as usual we’re not driven by being mathy just for math’s sake. we want to shake rumps, even in 5 or 7. maybe, i’ll post a tune soon…!




just saw this video of our version of Green Glass by Jawbox dposted on FB the other day by Larry Herweg of Pelican and had almost completely forgotten about it. nice gem. and later we actually made a better recording of it with J Robbins at the time we were working on The Magician. gotta find that and finish er up.

busting our humps on the new Life and Times rekkid, as of now entitled Scuzz Nuts –(could change at any time….) all the while recording some other killer bands like Mouth Captain and Redgrave (stephen from Pinebenders new band) at our li’l studio Electronical. sessions with Withershins and our boys Sequoia coming up after the new year down at Earth Analog too. you’ll recall we recorded the last sequoia record too. boom.

me plus you


A QUIET PRAYER : oh sweet baby jesus, we just want to humbly and gratefully thank RL and everyone at Seen Merch for creating our new online store and from hence forth taking over the packaging and shipping of all things L&T, including those sex inducing T-shirts and CDs to play as a sort of soundtrack when you’re having sex in your new T-shirt, oh lord, and for allowing us to end our tenure as the dickheads who can never seem to get merch out to our loyal fans when they order a goddamn shirt or music within a reasonable time frame. in Your name we pray. Amen.


OCT 24 Champaign IL @ Cowboy Monkey w  Withershins

OCT 25 Chicago IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Bear Claw and As Hell http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3770844&pl=eb&REFID=bottle

let’s do this. love your buns. ae


HAMMER TIME : Me and the boys are dropping the hammer, putting the pedal to the medal, pulling rips and turning tricks and gonna start back in and finish this record we’ve been picking at over the last year. we’re not too far off. in fact, hoping to have it all wrapped up by the top of the year but you know how that goes…

in the meantime, we got some rocking to do. won’t you join us?


OCT 24 Champaign IL @ Cowboy Monkey with Withershins

OCT 25 Chicago IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Bear Claw and As Hell   GET TIX HERE

the sexy garment in the pic will be available by the end of this week in our new online store hosted by RL and the sexy mofo’s over at SEEN MERCH . keep you posted lover.


getting keytarded.

greetings earthlings.


June 1, 2013 Chicago IL @ Do Division Fest with a bunch of other swell outfits like Torche, Disappears and Ariel Pink. TLAT plays at 2:30pm. tell your bros and gals to make the scene with us. getting weird.

so this is pretty cool. we got asked to be apart of this music bundling service called Soundsupply.com with other bands like Maritime, Tera Melos and many many many others. the idea is that you throw down a mere $15 and get a metric shit-ton of jams. here’s a “rad” “vid” https://vimeo.com/66030145. 

coming up: TLAT makes a new record and films themselves sweating it out for your voyeuristic viewing pleasure. we’re about 7 or 8 songs in and it’s blowing our minds like that little plastic bag caught in the tree outside. seriously, no for real. on the reals. this is, we feel, one of the best things we’ve ever created. scouts honor.


9 Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room, get your TICKETS

10 Dallas, TX @ Club Dada, get your TICKETS

11 Austin, TX @ Red 7, get your TICKETS

12 Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds get your TICKETS

13 Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon get your TICKETS

15 Orlando, FL @ The Social  get your TICKETS

16 Tampa, FL @ Crowbar get your TICKETS

17 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn get your TICKETS

18 Nashville, TN @ The End get your TICKETS

19 Toledo, OH @ Main Street  get your TICKETS

20 Ferndale, MI @ The Loving Touch get your TICKETS

love you long time. ae