20120125-114325.jpgDOPPELGANGERS EP – 7 or so songs from seemingly unlikely artists being given the Test of ‘Times treatment. the TOT treatment. we’ve been burning in the stude working on these jammers and are very stoked for you guys to dig in. these are just a few of the bands we’re not covering : Dangerous Toys, Megadeth, Bang Tango, Crash Test Dummies, the Biebs, Crucifux, Gin Blossoms, Anal Cunt, Burt Bacharach, and many others.

the bands and artists we are covering are wide ranging and occupy deep places within the hearts of each of us. or at least one of us. that was a pre-req to make the list. (see: prerequisite). all will be revealed in the coming weeks as we get artrworked finished up before the tour. some songs are pretty far-stretched reimaginings and others are kinda straight up.

very happy to be to be coming out east to you guys in the states that go like this: OH PA NY DC and MI. you know who you are. go to the tour dates page for ticket links. i’d get em early. hopefully i won’t be crying hateful tears during the show after this dumpter-fire of an election. bring acid and sandwiches. AE

N O V E M B E R R E I G N I N B L O O D –

11.16 cleveland oh @ the Grog Shop w Brave Girls and Lawton Bros

11.17 philadelphia pa @ Ortleib’s w TBA (sick band name)

11.18 new york ne @ Mercury Lounge with Spotlights

11.19 washington dc @ DC9 with Warm Sun

11.20 grand rapids mi @ Pyramid Scheme with Cosmonaut and Glassified


  1. So glad you didn’t say you didn’t cover any DEF LEPPARD. So there is still hope for a cover of “pour some sugar on me (ooooh in the name of love)”. If trump wins i will pay for an executive order to “convince” you to record this. Probably every band will have to cover this track as opening song on every album under a trump *cough* administration *cough*. At least for the next 8 years, if we last that long…

    Can’t wait for your show at the Merc!

    p.s. Seriously, maybe you can “cover” some of those old old TLAT unreleased tracks to get them out (e.g. “Gold to Cold”, “Unknown #3 (Bad Guy with the Bad Eye)”, “The Graduate”, etc from the Cubberly Archives). Or, %shameless request% you could play them live on this go, especially “From Gold to Cold”?

    Thanks for all the great tunes over the years – you guys are the best!

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