sup you guys. couple of quickie updates to our upcoming west coast tour with Ume from Austin TX. my boys from Magnet School will be blowing shit up with us again for the first show which happens to be in Austin at Red 7 on June 8th. then near the end we’ll be firebombing the Record Bar in KC with Shiner bassist Paul Malinowski’s new band called The Beta Capsule with Cory White from The Esoteric and Rob Smith from Traindodge (and TLAT!), AND Shiner guitarist  Josh Newtons new band with Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy called With Knives. should be nutty to say the least.

THEN, to top it all off we’re playing Chicago the last night of tour at the Burlington with Chicago’s own Pinebender(!) and Beta Capsule again! jesus i’m pumped. may need to step off for a minute and have a good cry.

ok i’m back. all good. DVD in the fall. Vid for Day Nine upcoming. prepare ye the way.

WESTY – get tix in advance if available, on the realzzz.

8 Austin, TX @ Red 7 w/ UME and Magnet School
9 Ft Worth, TX @ Lolas w/ TBA
11 Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room w/ UME and the Riveras
12 Los Angeles, CA @ the Satellite w/ UME
13 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill w/ UME
15 Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar w/ UME
16 Seattle, WA @ Barboza w/ UME
18 Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge w./ UME
19 Denver, CO @ Walnut Room w/ UME
20 Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar w/ Beta Capsule and With Knives
21 Chicago, IL @ the Burlington w/ Pinebender and Beta Capsule

show details on the tour page. erotic and often naughty details located here.
soon and very soon

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