Fog and Smog


Chicago IL – these three gay caballeros are making music, pressing record, and then preparing to play these recorded items very soon. we are thrilled to be playing our back yard, aka the Epley Bottle, aka the Empty Bottle on February 27th, 2016.

joining the show will be Pelican‘s own Trevor de Brauw and his ragingly beautiful side project called RLYR and Chicago’s own Sequoia, whom some of you may recall recently made a record with me and Eric at our studio, called Electronical. we’ve just relocated to a, uh, new location. more on all that soon and how you can help us to help you in making the best record your band has ever made, on a budget. or not.

ANYWHO, so yes Chris and Eric and I are writing and creating and crafting a worthy follow up to Lost Bees and we’re feeling grandiose. could be the most ambitious record we will have made.

alright, more soon. hugs and drugs. ae

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