Gather round children. our last record No One Loves You Like I Do was released over two years ago. hard to believe but not really, considering the fact that things that i think happened a couple years ago actually happened like eight fucking years ago in reality. ah life. short years and long days. sniff.

anyway, the finishing of our new record tentatively but most likely entitled Lost Bees  is upon us and will ultimately be released AUGUST 12 2014, again on Slimstyle Records. gonna rock this showcase this Wednesday May 14 at The Empty Bottle with my boys from DC Deleted Scenes and local killers The Kickback. super excited to throw down.

we three wise men will then drive to Kansas City to begin mixing Lost Bees with Paul “Tuffcakes” Malinowski at Massive Sound for about a week from MAY 15-21. i do believe this to be what will be knowns as our ZOSO, our Dark Side of the Moon, our Rumors, our Damn the Torpedos, our Nation of Millions…

US Tour begins AUGUST 7th 2014 going west first, then east, then south, rinse and repeat. dates to be announced very very very soon.

see you at the Bottle. TIX HERE

love you real hard. ae

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