IMG_2408DRUGS R US : being hopped up on hydrocodone following oral surgery has it’s upside; being hopped up on hyrdrocodone. beyond that oral surgery can forever go fuck itself. seriously brutal, gnarly and gruesome stuff. i wish it on no one.

paul malinowski is my old band mate from my old band Shiner and he’s going to help us start laying drum tracks at our studio called Electronical here in Chicago (see: Des Plaines) on Monday August 8th through August 12th. we rocked through the songs last night and we were all pleasantly surprised to find that we quite liked most of them. you know how it goes, you kick out a song at practice, have a few beers, love the fucking song, then a week or two later you’re back at practice and start to play the new awesome tune only to find that it’s now just a pile of hammered dog shit.

but this time we still liked them all. we’ve got about 6 or 7 songs pretty solid and a few more we’re gonna kinda wing.sometimes those are the best. last record Lost Bees, of course, we pieced it together over a year. edited beats, created songs digitally and faxed our parts in. this time it’s more of an organic thing, i think. i hope.

so then after we track all week we will leave for a few dates with a band i’ve long heard of but had never had much contact with. MileMarker. i’m hoping we have our game on because these guys certainly do! then the week after we go out with a band that i know quite a lot about, Molly McGuire. Jason Gerken from Shiner is the drummer and Jason Blackmore is the singer guitarist and also quite a filmmaker. ¬†they rule and have a new record. in fact i’m on one of the songs called Broken Phones. played guitar and sang in fact. ok the dates are:


15 St Louis MO @ Off Broadway with MileMarker

16 Milwaukee WI @ Cactus Club with MileMarker

17 Minneapolis MN @ Triple Rock Social Club with MileMarker

25 Kansas City MO @ Record Bar with Molly McGuire

26 Chicago IL @ Empty Bottle with Molly McGuire

27 Champaign IL @ The Accord with Molly McGuire


really hope you guys can make it out. we will be playing old stuff and won’t make you guys sit through a bunch of songs you don’t know. ok maybe one or two. maybe a cover. who knows. i’m feeling hydrocodony right now so i guess it’s time to gooooooooooo. bye. AE

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